Your marketing is weak.

Founder - Marketing expert

Founder + CEO


WIDSIX, a PHX OG Since 2007, started as a side-business, then grew into a full-service boutique advertising agency + marketing company. The WIDSIX HQ is located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ near the base of Camelback Mountain. We’ve been around for 16+ years now and don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.

You may have seen “Your Marketing is Weak” as the site loaded … If I hit you in the feels with that one, give us a call. We can help.

Flexibility + Stability

Fractional CMO

Need a CMO, but don’t have the (large) budget for to hire for the position? I offer Fractional CMO services for businesses in your position.

Get the experience and knowledge of a seasoned c-suite level marketing professional without the full salary commitment. Hire a part-time CMO (fractional CMO) while you grow, then hire a full timer when appropriate.

Typically, companies hire me for 10-20hrs per week to manage their marketing initiatives. 

Marketing + business

Marketing Consultant

Business Owners + High net-worth individuals can’t be everywhere at all times. They need a second set of eyes on their marketing operations, who can keep initiatives moving forward, then report back to them in a clear way (without the BS and fluff).

I bring experience + expertise to existing teams, identify opportunities, help streamline processes, improve marketing performance, and interpret data – to increase ROI in marketing and sales initiatives.

Phoenix Original, Since 2007

Experience matters

My background in technology, marketing + advertising,  extensive experience in business, along with my ability to play nice with others (rare trait in the marketing industry) – allows me to help any company, team, or high net-worth individual with needs around marketing, tech, advertising, or branding. 

Current Projects

managing Partner


Strategic Calibration Training Systems (SCTS),is an online training platform which empowers educators and district leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to create inclusive and equitable educational environments for all students.

Software Development


Elite Content Solutions is a software development company that creates impactful solutions that automate processes and simplify workflow.

Experience + Acquisitions

Nine Six Collective

My background in marketing + advertising, combined with extensive experience in business allows me (and my partners) to identify projects/businesses with potential, buy them, then implement strategies to grow those businesses. We are always up for new opportunities that may arise!

Experience + Acquisitions

Blue Collar Boomers

Blue Collar Boomers is a team of experienced investors who specialize in buying and growing blue-collar businesses. Our mission is to identify and acquire small to mid-sized companies that offer essential services in their local communities – many of which are owned by boomers wanting to retire.