Your Marketing is Weak.

Meet Roope, Founder + CEO of WIDSIX + Strategic Advisor at Emerged Inc.


Building businesses + helping others build businesses. That is really what it boils down to. The ability to remove ego from the equation and help people + businesses create wins – however they define a “win” (create growth, increase sales, generate leads, etc).


WIDSIX, a PHX OG Since 2007, started as a side-business, then grew into a full-service boutique advertising agency + marketing company. The WIDSIX HQ is located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ near the base of Camelback Mountain. We’ve been around for 13+ years now and don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.

You may have seen “Your Marketing is Weak” as the site loaded … If I hit you in the feels with that one, give us a call. We can help.

Emerged Inc. automates real 1-to-1 business communications on behalf of B2B companies. The B2B marketing space has been broken for quite some time with the focus being on lead volume vs real conversations with targeted, qualified leads.

We automate sequences against precise lists of individual prospects vs marketing to a broad lookalike audience. By being hyper focused on the targeting of prospects and offering genuine solutions at an affordable price, Emerged is proving to be a powerful offering with truly transparent services. Want to hear more? Reach out to me and I’d be happy to chat.


I despise micro-managing & inefficiency. Optimistic, but realistic. Lofty dreams, but logical & practical. Quiet in a big group, but talkative once I know you. I prefer to lead by example, rather than preach to the masses. My style of leadership is to put the right people into the position to succeed, then support them until they reach their goals.

My ultimate goal is to save people from shitty company cultures. My success is their success (as corny as that sounds). I love saving people from the big douchey agencies, where they will get coffee for 3 years. Instead, putting them in a place to learn real marketing skills, expand their minds, and be treated like adults (imagine that). My style of leadership is not for everyone, but you can find those public speaker, micro-manager leaders on every corner. Good luck.

Hustle Beginnings

Small town morals, work ethic + grit combined with big city hustle + grind. The passion and energy behind my success manifested itself very early on. On snow days, most kids were celebrating the opportunity to sleep in or play games instead of going to school. I, on the other hand, was celebrating the opportunity to capitalize on his newfound free time by shoveling driveways to get that loot.

And whether it be hustling on those snow days, reselling newspapers in front of the store (when people used to buy newspapers), or setting up random merch stands with my friends (impromptu lemonade stand style), young Johnny Roope was always looking for an opportunity to flex his entrepreneurial drive.

Reach Out

If your marketing is weak or you own a business or want to chat about things… hit me up. I have found a lot of success (my biggest business success, in fact) through taking coffee meetings with random people. You never know where that 15 minutes + 6 degrees of separation can lead.

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